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Here, enjoy hearing Slam Gallihan of the seminal punk band, Bleeding Hemeroids [sic], introduce Steel Wolf in May 1986 at February's in Elmont, Long Island. Then watch the video below that fuses an unplugged track from this release with Eternal Damnation album cover photo outtakes. The outdoor concert from which this cut was extracted took place a "beer-bottle's-throw" from where the pictures were taken. The rest of the tracks appear on subsequent live releases and are available to hear elsewhere on this site. Click on the song titles to be taken to the other pages.

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Below: An outtake from the Eternal Damnation album cover photo shoot. The flyer beneath Ed Kezys is advertising one of the concerts heard on this live album.


Below: A page ad from Good Times magazine advertising Steel Wolf's show at February's.

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