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Enjoy eight lo-fi recordings from the early days of the band.

BABA O'RILEY The Who classic recorded live at the first Steel Wolf concert in March 1983 at Thompson Junior High in Syosett, Long Island.

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PARANOID Black Sabbath's classic recorded during a rehearsal at the Lithuanian Cultural Center (Zidinys) in Brooklyn, New York in the summer of 1983. The band's fictional radio interview is interrupted by a facility caretaker.

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The fictional radio interview from above continues but cuts to a rehearsal in the basement of Ed's parents' house the following year.

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SOUL KITCHEN The Doors' classic is desecrated during the same session as above. The "radio" nonsense that proceeds it is again from the same session as before but now the caretaker's wife (aka The Crazy Lady) gets involved.

25 OR 6 TO 4 Al Kezys was invited up to the microphone and Chicago's classic was jammed live at a concert at Zidinys in Spring 1987. He wouldn't officially join Steel Wolf until 2001. Before the song begins he is heard saying "We know this is gonna be on the new Steel Wolf album and we want to make an impression here!" The band would release a studio version in 1998. This live version was the last song Vytis Kezys would play with Steel Wolf.

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An early unplugged show in Forest Park, Queens. Mindaugas Jurys can be heard playing his "Rhythm 'n Booze" sax solo before the song begins (while the band gets excited about the arrival a local celebrity).  After the song (just before the drunken rendition of America's "Horse With No Name"), you can hear Mindy congratulate Mike on becoming a member of the band.

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NAKTIPIECIAI Ed's 1988 demo of a song that would appear ten years later.

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GLORIA Van Morrison's classic is utilized as a vehicle for an Al Bivainis guitar solo introduction and the band paying homage to a Lithuanian family surname via an acapella section. This is from a rehearsal in Mark's bedroom in the summer of 1985.

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